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What Does Mortgauge Do?

Mortgauge is a digital platform powered by analytics that gets Canadians affordable mortgages in record time.

Clients use Mortgauge to:

Analyze home buying scenarios

Get pre-approved

Connect with a Real Estate Agent

Secure a mortgage

Why Work With Mortgauge?


We Can Grow With You

Our platform was built for large volumes and our brokerage has a network of over 100 mortgage agents.

We Have Options

Connected to over 20 lenders (A, B and Private), we have products for almost anyone across Canada.

We Are Professionals

Mortgauge is run by staff and advisors who have extensive experience.
Referral Program
You refer your clients to us (and get paid for it ), we refer new clients to you, clients gets a better experience. 
Everybody wins.
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The Program

You refer your clients to Mortgauge for a superb mortgage experience and/or Mortgauge refers their clients who don’t have an agent yet to you for a stellar home buying journey.



If Mortgauge sends you a new client
  • You’d get a sale you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • You don't pay anything for that lead.
If you send Mortgauge a new client
  • You’d get between 5-15% of our gross commission from the mortgage and decide if you want to keep it or give it to the client (either through lower rates or cash back).

Limited Program Size

In order to develop strong relationships and provide a valuable partnership, we limit the number of Real Estate Agents who can participate in the program by region.

Real Estate Agents will be signed up on a first-come-first-serve basis (provided you meet our admission requirements).


Who Gets The Next Lead?

In the spirit of reciprocity, we determine who gets the next lead based on the funded volumes of business that each party has contributed to each other.


The Mortgauge platform benefits you and your client - we’ve outlined some of them below to show you what we mean.




The traditional process takes 2 weeks, ours is under 48hrs.



$70k in interest saved over the life of a mortgage.



We make it extremely clear to the client what options are in their best interest.



Our platform uses analytics and modern tech to deliver a great experience.



Join our exclusive network of trusted agents.

Benefit to Client

  • Pre-qualify instantly
  • Pre-approved in as little as 5 minutes
  • Approved in under 48 hours
  • Get competitive rates are on average 0.25% and 0.50% less than brokers and banks respectively
  • Qualify for as much as 4% more on their purchase price due to lower rates
  • Automate the mortgage search process and get real quotes instantly
  • Clients are guided through the process online and by speaking with our experts
  • No branch meetings
  • Get live updates as their loan progresses
  • Leverage Mortgauge tools and analytics to make better decisions
  • Get referred to a quality real estate agent

Benefit to You

  • Increases your leverage during the deal with quicker turnaround and shorter financing conditions
  • Your clients can only get the best rates through you (you look good) and you also get paid! How's that for a win-win?
  • We help educate your client on the process so we can all work more effectively
  • Visualize your client's live deal status through your Mortgauge Realtor View Tools
  • Some of your clients today will expect a digital solution, you need a reliable alternative that meets their expectations
  • Get pre-qualified leads that have a higher propensity to close, helping you work more efficiently
  • Get referrals from Mortgauge for next no nothing to grow your business

Payment Example

To illustrate how a referral payment to you would work:


  • $500k
  • Purchase price
  • 2.5% sale commission = $12,500
  • $100k
  • Downpayment
  • $400k
  • Mortgage amount
  • 1.2% mortgage commission = $4,800
  • We send you a new client,
  • they buy a home.


Your Commission


Mortgauge Commission

  • You send us a new client,
  • they get a mortgage.


Your Commission

15% referral fee = +$720


Mortgauge Commission

As soon as the deal closes and commissions are received, referral fees are paid within a week.

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